Technological process automation

   «Invest-Tekhnology-2004» company realizes design, development & turnkey manufacturing applications of the distributed as well as local technological process automatic control systems. Our engineers have a sufficient experience for optimal automation project creation.
The complete or partial factory modernization increase the efficiency of production without injustified charge and raise competitive capacity of your goods in markets.

We use in our projects the controllers, drives, sensors, low voltage components, cabinets and other devices of world leading brend.

Factory modernization may include some stages as following:

- equipment investigation and engineer solution making;
- selection of optimal solution & performance specification development taking into consideration your requirements.

Technical documentation development:
- circuit diagrams & cabinet assembly drawings development with CAD.

Control cabinet assembling & wiring:
- control cabinet & operator panel assembling and elrctrical equipment wiring with use of world leading brend component units (OMRON, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, EMOTRON, SEW-EURODRIVE, ABB etc. products).

System ajusting & start in operation:
- control system ajusting, including programming of the intelligent devices (controllers, PC, drives etc.) and equipment start in operation;
- staff training in equipment using & maintenance.



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